How to stay awake for a night drive?

Coz driving and sleeping don’t go well together. 

Driving through the night can be the experience of a lifetime. It’s not very often that you have the entire stretch of road to yourself. It presents you a rare opportunity to revel in the night’s silence.

Unless, of course, you fall asleep!

Staying up while driving at night can be a tough ask for some, especially if you’ve been driving all day. It isn’t easy to stay alert and control the steering when all you want to do is fall asleep on it. Which is exactly why a long night drive is rarely carried out alone. Let your buddy take the wheel as you take some time off to relax.

Here are a few steps you could take to avoid snoozing along the way.

1.Caffeine to the rescue

Nothing keeps you up like a cup of coffee. Depending on the length of the drive, you might need several of them. Careful not to spill it though.

2.Driving to the music

Nod to the tunes of your favourite songs. Pump up the adrenaline with some upbeat music. Not the best time for lullabies, don’t you think?

3.Refresh yourself

Freshen up at regular intervals by washing your face. Simply wiping it with a cool, damp cloth will be enough to revitalise yourself for the next half an hour.

4.Keep it cool

Lower the temperature inside the car slightly below your usual comfort zone. A better idea would be to open the window. The fresh air will wash the sleep out of your system.

5.Keep it slow, keep it sugarless

Engage multiple senses for as much time as you can in order to keep you up. Relish your snacks one bite or one sip at a time. Keep in mind that sugar makes you drowsy. So, no chocolate brownies for the night!
No Joey. We’re sorry!

6.Let there be light

Darkness produces a sleep-inducing chemical called ‘melatonin’. Once it enters the system, it’s difficult to stay awake. Turn the internal lights of the car on before the darkness puts you to sleep.

7.Speech is silver

This is the right time to be a chatterbox. You probably won’t get a better opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with your friends or co-travellers. Don’t get too distracted by the conversation though. Keep your eyes on the road.

Sleep is for the weak?
Not really. It is for the wise. Take a nap either before or during the trip. If it’s a mid-drive nap, make sure the place is safe.

The essence of a night drive is in enjoying the night itself. We hope that these suggestions will help you stay up to witness the glorious phenomena of the night. Let us know if you have any other tricks to avoid drowsy driving.

Night driving is fun, and it becomes much more fun when you know the roads. Download the Easy Roads app to discover everything to do with road trips!


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