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A one stop shop for a road traveller's needs - with curated road trips from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Pune, as well as a range of travel based services and articles.

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Easy Roads: A Maharashtra Tourism endorsed Travel App
Now endorsed by the Govt. of Maharashtra.


Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway or a day trip, if epic road trips catch your fancy or you just want to travel for food, you'll find something that suits you in our list of custom trips.

Durshet Trip

Durshet Trip

1 Day
Goa Trip, India

Goa Trip

4 - 7 Days
Unseen Gujarat, India

Unseen Gujarat

2 - 4 Days
Secret Konkan

Secret Konkan

7+ Days
Maratha Tales

Maratha Tales

1 Day
Aurangabad Trip

Aurangabad Trip

4 - 7 Days
Secret Beaches

Secret Beaches

2 - 4 Days
Konkan Food Odyssey

Konkan Food Odyssey

2 - 4 Days
Wayanad Trip

Wayanad Trip

2 - 4 Days
Hoysala Trip

The Hoysala Trail

2 - 4 Days
Traditional Kerala, India

Traditional Kerala

4 - 7 Days
Kodaikanal Trip

Kodaikanal Trip

2 - 4 Days
Ajmer Pushkar

Ajmer Pushkar Trip

2 - 4 Days
Gwalior Orchha Trip

Gwalior Orchha Trip

2 - 4 Days
Ranthambore Trip, India

Ranthambore Trip

2 - 4 Days
Mussoorie and Rishikesh, India

Mussoorie and Rishikesh

2 - 4 Days

Fun Facts

Total Trips
1100+ Total Locations
500+ Total Attractions
700+ Total Accomodations
700+ Total Activities


If car woes deter you from taking a road trip, then worry no more. From roadside assistance to hire-a-driver, the Services section has got your back.

Hire a Driver with Easy Roads, a road trip app

Hire a Driver

For the times when you want to fly back home and need someone to get your car back, or want to drive only one way, Zuver wheels in and offers One Way Driver services.

Rent a Car with Easy Roads, a travel app

Rent a Car

Not having a car should not be a deterrent to go on a road trip! With Zoomcar and Myles, book self-drive cars and never worry again!

Rent a Bike with Easy Roads, a travel planner app

Rent a Bike

No bike? No problem! Rent a bike with Wicked Ride and get riding today.

GPS Tracker

Worried about your loved ones on the road? Buy/rent a GPS tracker and ensure that they are safe and sound on the road.

Roadside Assistance with Easy Roads, a road trip app

Roadside Assistance

Safety comes first! If you're worried about a flat tyre or a car breakdown, TLC Assist's 24*7 roadside assistance will come to your rescue.

Pre-Trip Car Checkup

Its always better to be safe than sorry. Get your car checked before you go on a road trip with TLC Assist's services.


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A selection of articles which talk about every aspect of road travel - from the best drives and destinations, to music playlists and traveller's tales, the Easy Roads' Blog has it all.

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is associated always with emotions: joy, power, and freedom. Ardent road travellers will know - an open road is the very definition of adventure!
At Easy Roads, we believe in that adventure. We believe in empowering every single road traveller to be a part of the adventure. We believe that no road trip is too long or too short for it to soothe mind, body and soul.
We want everyone to experience road travel, to feel the same thrill as we do on the road, and are building a product which will empower them to do the same.

A blend of coders, entrepreneurs, writers and designers with one thing in common - the love for tech and travel.


Sachin Parikh

Founder & CEO

The MBA with 13 years of experience in the tech-corporate world,Sachin gave it all up for finding the adventure that fit him like a glove. After co-founding the travel start up White Collar Hippie, he wanted more, and here he is. A self-proclaimed adventure junkie, he is also an avid sportsman. If you ask him which road he loves to drive on, he'll tell you a congested one, because navigating traffic is a challenge! Efficiency is his middle name, and he pays immense attention to detail. The best part about him? His son, Nirvan!


Ajish Nair

VP Engineering

A coder at heart, Ajish is happiest when he's sitting alone in a room and coding! He knows multiple languages - Java, Ruby on Rails and Python, and honed his skills at Housing.com. But if you think that's all there is to him, you'll be mistaken. He's passionate about sports, be it cricket, football or tennis, he is always updated. The best person to go to if you have any doubts about technology, from phones to their covers, he is also a fan of detective fiction. Oh, and he might be an essential part of Easy Roads, but the man doesn't like to travel!


Ali Molai

Trip Research & Operations

The Rahul Dravid of Easy Roads, Ali is the go to man. He comes to the rescue, and you know you can depend on him to get the job done. He's experienced in food and travel, and has worked with both corporates and start-ups. When you meet him, you'll realise he thinks fast, talks fast, works fast and drives really fast. He may stress about the little things at times, but you know it's because he needs it perfect. A voracious reader and an experienced traveler, you can count on him to advise you on your next trip. A little secret? He's a trained chef!.


William John

Android Developer

If you thought people who code are boring, then you haven't met William. He loves to travel and trek (to mountains in particular), is passionate about Arsenal and has a vested interest in journalism. We call him God around here, for handling the front end is not the task a lesser mortal could handle after all. Having worked with start-ups before, he handles his work with aplomb. He also hates Game of Thrones, because it is too "mainstream" for his taste. But well, who can argue with God?


Aniket Kumar

UI / UX Designer

The epitome of "live wire", Aniket has a bottomless well of energy and enthusiasm with a wit to match. He throws himself into the task at hand and is determined to get the best out of it. A UI/UX and graphic designer, he started doing it as a hobby, and practiced his skills as a freelancer. Another passionate Arsenal fan, he lives and breathes the beautiful game. A budding film maker, he doubles up as director and editor, and has written multiple scripts. Ask him about them sometime.


Nikhil Mendonca

Front End Developer

The man with the unwavering moral compass, Nikhil is a man with bottomless wells of patience. As someone who is steeped into learning his languages (Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap..) bit more every night, he manages to find time to stay up-to-date with movies and sports as well. He's a great (bathroom) singer, and we get to benefit from it every day in office. Oh also, he's probably one of the very few people we know who actually reads a newspaper! Yes, the paper one.

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