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If car woes deter you from taking a road trip, then worry no more. From roadside assistance to hire-a-driver, the Services section has got your back.

Hire a Driver with EasyRoads, a road trip app

Hire a Driver

For the times when you want to fly back home and need someone to get your car back, or want to drive only one way, Zuver wheels in and offers One Way Driver services.

Rent a Car with EasyRoads, a travel app

Rent a Car

Not having a car should not be a deterrent to go on a road trip! With Zoomcar and Myles, book self-drive cars and never worry again!

Rent a Bike with EasyRoads, a travel planner app

Rent a Bike

No bike? No problem! Rent a bike with Wicked Ride and get riding today.

GPS Tracker

Worried about your loved ones on the road? Buy/rent a GPS tracker and ensure that they are safe and sound on the road.

Roadside Assistance with EasyRoads, a road trip app

Roadside Assistance

Safety comes first! If you're worried about a flat tyre or a car breakdown, TLC Assist's 24*7 roadside assistance will come to your rescue.

Pre-Trip Car Checkup

Its always better to be safe than sorry. Get your car checked before you go on a road trip with TLC Assist's services.


Wicked Ride.com
Ginger Hotels
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A selection of articles which talk about every aspect of road travel - from the best drives and destinations, to music playlists and traveller's tales, the EasyRoads' Blog has it all.

Who's talking about us?


is associated always with emotions: joy, power, and freedom. Ardent road travellers will know - an open road is the very definition of adventure!
At EasyRoads, we believe in that adventure. We believe in empowering every single road traveller to be a part of the adventure. We believe that no road trip is too long or too short for it to soothe mind, body and soul.
We want everyone to experience road travel, to feel the same thrill as we do on the road, and are building a product which will empower them to do the same.

A blend of coders, entrepreneurs, writers and designers with one thing in common - the love for tech and travel.


Sachin Parikh

Co-Founder & CEO

The MBA with 13 years of experience in the tech-corporate world,Sachin gave it all up for finding the adventure that fit him like a glove. After co-founding the travel start up White Collar Hippie, he wanted more, and here he is. A self-proclaimed adventure junkie, he is also an avid sportsman. If you ask him which road he loves to drive on, he'll tell you a congested one, because navigating traffic is a challenge! Efficiency is his middle name, and he pays immense attention to detail. The best part about him? His son, Nirvan!


Brendon Pereira


20 years in the Corporate world across Hospitality, Petroleum Retail and Business Services, Brendon has been exposed to 'Start Up's before the term become trendy. Every assignment has been either at the inception of the company or the launch of a project. The excitement and uncertainty of building something from scratch is what captures his imagination and deriving some method from apparent madness is what he excels in. Sports, travel, books and good food, not necessarily in that order, is where he can spend unlimited time.


Amar Sagar

Product Manager

One of the most serious roadtrippers on the team, Amar outlines the product that we are building together. However, that is not the only thing that interests him. He also keeps switching his hats to function as a filmmaker, cricketer, scriptwriter, musician, storyteller and a father. Having done massive road trips not only across India, but also across the US, his love for discovering new from behind the wheel pulled him towards EasyRoads.


Md. Farhan Memon

Backend Engineer

The man who loves to code, is also the man everyone goes to when they are out of depth with consumer technology. Often found sitting quiet staring into his laptop, occasionally he would crack jokes that most people around him won’t understand right away but he can’t be bothered with that. He has previously worked in the e commerce space and is an expert on Ruby on Rails, Java and DevOps.


Sanchit Jain

Android Developer

Eat (barely), sleep (a little), code (a lot), repeat (duh, obviously) is what Sanchit lives by. He was invited to join the team as everyone was impressed by his hysterical laughter but turned out he can also double up well as an Android Developer. He is always curious about all things tech, whether they are mobile devices, random gadgets or cars and often leaves others without an answer as his queries dig deeper. Terrible jokes included in the package.


Rahul Agrawal

Android Developer

Unlike the other tech geniuses in the team, Rahul is the outdoorsy kind. For him, travel often involves getting on the saddle of his motorcycle and riding away for days to discover new. For him, travel is a way to satisfy his inquisitive head (and eat, a lot, in different places). He also handles the development of EasyRoads Android App.


Akshay Sharma

Community & Trips

Often found talking about motorcycles, Akshay discovered his love for open roads riding on the tank of two strokers as a kid. He loves telling stories, occasionally boring people with details nobody else cares about, and his travel plans are often tailored around pieces of tarmac he wants to ride on rather than the places he wants to visit. Outside auto and travel, he has a keen interest in technology and is intrigued by the promise young tech startups bring for the transportation ecosystem.


Anchit Khushwaha

Trip Research

Anchit comes from the historic city of Kashi (Varanasi) and brings as many stories as the number of years the city has been around. The team members go to him for recommendations on movies, mostly horror, and TV shows, only to come back even confused on being flooded with more options than available on IMDB. He researches for the trips that go on the EasyRoads app and is certainly the most energetic team member on most days.


Amishi Parikh

Graphic Design

From presentations to posters, letterheads to banners, Amishi is the team’s go to person for design advice. Her love for both design and technology puts her at the sweet spot where she can balance form with function. She is a serial meme finder, compulsive cupboard organiser, avid poker player, chocolate addict and yoga junkie. For her, an ideal evening is one spent doodling on the beach while sipping a good tea.


Siddhesh Rajam


The calmest person in the team, Siddhesh started with engineering tools before switching to design tools when he deciding that the world needs more creative people spreading colours than tech people writing codes. Always eager to take up something new, you will rarely find him saying no to any job at all. He is responsible for all the amazing graphics you see on the EasyRoads Facebook page.

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